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We at Afic LOVE these bags and use them daily for shopping and our business post and parcels - Bikezac 2.0 is Cobags second generation of environmentally friendly, safe, durable and convenient shopping bags designed specifically for bicycles. The bags makes it easier to for you to choose the CO2 friendly option when going shopping.

The Bikezac 2.0 bags are made with stronger stitching and a higher quality Woven PP made 100% from recycled plastic. The plastic in the rail is further from a stronger compound than previous productions making the 2.0 version bag much more durable bag than their predecessor. The new T-shaped handle on the rail system allows for easy detachment using only two fingers, meaning no more need for using the strap to detach the bags.

  • Made from durable and 100% recycled woven pp.
  • Black handles.
  • White elastic band for easy closing.
  • COBAGS new rail system in black.
  • Carry Capacity 8 kg.
  • Angled corners for extra heal space.
  • Stable design allowing the bag to stand on its own. Making it easy to fill and empty.
  • Dimensions:When flat: H40xW47xL1 cm When filled: H40xW29xL18 cm

The COBAG Story - It all began a summer day in Copenhagen. Being one of the leading bicycle cities in the world, the people of Copenhagen are no strangers to bicycling. It is said that most Copenhageners (yes that’s a word) can live their entire life on their bicycles.

However, on this fateful day Nikolai Gulmann noticed a pattern amongst the people biking by on Queen Louises bridge, one of the busiest bike paths in all of Copenhagen. He saw an abundance of “single use plastic bags” hanging from the handlebars of the bicycles. Heavy from being filled with groceries, the bags were knocking against the front wheel causing the cyclist to be off balance and in danger of getting the bag stuck in the wheel. Further, being aware of the environmental impact of single use plastic bags, Nikolai wondered how this all could be improved.

All this became the basis for the first Bikezac. A bag made from durable material intended for long term use; with the practicality of a single use bag in terms of portability; and the safety and ease of use that comes with a traditional bike bag. Since then COBAGS has been growing and developing, resulting in the Bikezac 2.0 made simply for the extra space on the G0. Call it a bikezac 2.G0


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    CoBags BikeZac

    Posted by Brian Warner on 31st Jan 2022

    great bag for everyday shopping - love it and looks great off the bike too